Health Benefits of taking Yoghurt

Health Benefits of taking Yoghurt

Why you should drink yoghurt


Do you know that your body needs a certain healthy amount of good bacteria to aid digestion? These good bacteria are referred to as probiotics. They are bacteria that line your digestive tract and bolster your body’s capacity to digest food.

Yoghurt is a great non-tacky way of getting these bacteria as it is made using good bacteria. Simply put, it is gotten by the addition of bacteria to milk. Like other dairy products, it is highly rich in protein and vitamins.

How it is made


Typically, it is made using two main methods. The first method involves using live culture for the fermentation process. This method requires buying the bacteria culture. The second method is much more convenient especially if it’s being made for home consumption. Here, any already made yoghurt can be bought to be used as a starter. Firstly, mix liquid and powdered milk as desired and boil to about 200 degrees after which it is left to cool to about 115 degrees. Next, theĀ  already made solution is added and placed in the oven for about 10 hours or more depending on how sour you’d like it to taste. The whole point is to maintain a steady temperature, so a heat retaining flask can work in place of an oven. At the point when this is finished, proceed to scoop and drain. Voila! Your delicious bowl is ready. It’s really that simple.


Health Benefits of Yoghurt


Yoghurt is incredibly healthy and offers many great benefits to the body.

Chi-Yoghurt |

Chi Hollandia Strawberry Flavour


Yoghurt Flavours


Often times, plain yoghurt can taste a tad too sour for comfort. Yoghurt can be combined with several fruits to add a spark to the taste. Although, various flavors of yoghurt are available for consumption, an impressive brand that provides a wide range of flavours is the Chi Hollandia.

Chi-Yoghurt |

Chi Hollandia Coconut and Pineapple Flavour


The brand makes tasty nourishing yoghurt drinks that consolidates the healthiness of the dairy drink with the freshness and vitamins of natural fruits.

Chi Hollandia comprises six distinct flavors of strawberry, pineapple coconut, plain sweetened, pure and plain green apple and orange.

Chi-Yoghurt |

Chi Hollandia Plain Sweetened Yoghurt

This wide range brings a ton of excitement to the ordinarily bland taste that yoghurt has. The drink can serve as the perfect breakfast or a desirable dessert depending on how and when it is served.

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