10​ ​Yoghurt​ ​Recipes​ ​for​ ​the​ ​Perfect​ ​Dessert

10​ ​Yoghurt​ ​Recipes​ ​for​ ​the​ ​Perfect​ ​Dessert

10​ ​Yoghurt​ ​Recipes​ ​for​ ​the​ ​Perfect​ ​Dessert

Delicious Yoghurt recipe that you can make at home

The rising popularity of yoghurt has incited chefs to come up with new yoghurt recipes. It is not just linked to its extraordinary taste and versatility, the smooth dairy nourishment is additionally useful for the body. And because of this yoghurt recipes are in demand and especially in Nigeria, everyone is enjoying it.

Yoghurt is among the most popular dairy products and is a good source of vital supplements and vitamins required for the body to work ideally. The good bacteria found in yoghurt enhance the body’s retention of basic supplements, and prevent the growth of unsafe microbes in the body. Yoghurt not only aids digestion, it also smoothens the skin and soothes the stomach.

Making Desserts with Yoghurt

Drinking plain yoghurt can get rather exhausting but, not to worry, there are numerous approaches to incorporate yoghurt in your eating routine particularly as desserts. Indeed, you get the chance to appreciate a healthy and sweet bowl of treat with yoghurt as the primary ingredient.

Have a pack of yoghurt sitting pretty in your fridge? You might need to give it a closer look because it can be a delectable addition to your dessert for the best treats.

Let’s take a look at 10 delicious Yoghurt recipes that can be made from yogurt.


1. FroYo Bites


This one recipe is one of the most popular yoghurt recipes, Frutti FroYo bites deliver the goodness of yoghurt and fresh fruit in a fun and colorful way without any added sugars.

How to make:



These rainbow treats make a fun and solid solidified treat particularly on a hot day.


2. Fresh Fruits and Yoghurt Parfaits


Yoghurt parfait is a healthy and tantalizing dessert treat. Typically, a yoghurt parfait comprises of layers of yoghurt, grains, nuts and fruits. It contains low measures of fat and calories and is an ideal treat after a delightful feast.

How to make:


3. Banana Yoghurt


Banana’s sweet distinct taste and nutritional value makes it an ideal fruit for desserts.

How to make:


4. Avocado-Mint Yoghurt Dip


Avocados are high in solid unsaturated fats, the healthy kind of fat vital to heart well-being. This is one of the healthiest yoghurt recipes out there, it’s not only healthy but its finger-licking good. This recipe is especially simple to make.

How to make:


5. Mug Cake


This mug measured cake is significantly healthier than a regular cake since it’s made with yoghurt and almond milk and contains little sugar.

How to make:


6. Banana Split with Yoghurt


Bananas are available almost everywhere so making this particular recipe will be a cake walk. Generally, a banana split is an ice-cream based dessert. Making it with yoghurt is simply the healthier adaptation.

How to make:


7. Yoghurt Frosting


The yoghurt takes the place of butter or most fatty ingredients found in traditional frosting recipes, yet adding the creamy texture without all the unhealthy fat.

How to make:



This yoghurt cream icing can be used in icing cakes or treats like cookies and doughnuts, and is best served instantly after frosting.


8. Yoghurt Pretzels


Yoghurt-covered pretzels are a great snack. They give off a sweet and salty taste with just a tiny bit of tanginess that comes from the yoghurt. To make yogurt bark you need sweetened yoghurt as well as one special thickening ingredient, yogurt powder.

How to make:



9. Peach Lassi


This may be the most refreshing way to drink your summer fruit. This cooling drink comes together in a matter of seconds. The ingredients required are easily available in your kitchen, here is the yoghurt recipe-

How to make:



This peach lassi is guaranteed to be a welcome treat all the time


10. Peanut Butter Dip


Here is a quick and effortless approach to jazz up fresh fruit.

How to make:



It’s not only an additional exciting twist to eat fresh fruit, but it also adds some protein to the snack.

Chi Hollandia Yoghurt

The Chi brand Hollandia Yoghurt is a fruit drink with delightful mix of fruit and yoghurt. It is healthy, refreshing and delicious. It is the ideal to try out these dessert recipes because whether you crave sweet, savory, decadent or healthy, Hollandia yoghurt aim to satisfy your itching taste buds.

Even better, you can’t really run out of options with the six variants of Orange, Green Apple, Pure and Plain, Plain Sweetened, Pineapple Coconut and Strawberry available from the House of Chi. These were some delicious yoghurt recipes. Let us know your favorite yoghurt recipe in the comment section below!

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