About Chi

CHI Ltd., is a part of The Coca-cola Company, with diverse business interests in everything from food to healthcare and engineering products. Incorporated in 1982, CHI Limited primarily caters to the needs of discerning Nigerian consumers, for high quality, healthy and refreshing range of dairy products, fruit drinks, and fruit juices.

The world class manufacturing facility and the most advanced packaging technology, ensure that Chi dairy products retain the freshness and provide the essential vitamins and nutrients to the consumers. No wonder then, today CHI is one of the most favorite brands in Nigeria and with its wide range of dairy products, is the first choice for millions of discerning Nigerian consumers!

CHI Ltd.  takes pride in its dairy products which are sold under the brand Hollandia which stands for superior quality and innovative products. Hollandia Evaporated Milk, Hollandia UHT Milk and Hollandia Drinking Yoghurt are few of the favorites in the Nigerian market. It remains a constant endeavor at CHI, to provide the Nigerian consumers, with the most nourishing and healthy packaged dairy products.


About Hollandia

The Hollandia brand is from the stable of CHI Limited. Since it was established in 1982, CHI Limited has been the leading manufacturer of innovative and quality brands that meet the daily needs of Nigerians. Wherever you’re, whatever your taste, the CHI Hollandia brand gives you the choice to experience life to the fullest. The wide range of variants and sizes on offer means that CHI Hollandia can spice up your day with a variety of top quality dairy products and much more.