11 Benefits of Dairy Products you should know

Benefits of dairy products - Hollandia milk

11 Benefits of Dairy Products you should know

Benefits of dairy products - Hollandia milk

Benefits of dairy products are many that is why doctors and Nutritionists recommend to include dairy or milk products. Incorporating dairy and the dairy products in your daily routine can be proven to be extremely beneficial to strengthen your bones and muscles. Those who take fitness seriously should start consuming dairy products daily in some form unless they are on a vegan diet. We Nigerians love dairy products and consume in some and other way especially the Yoghurts and Nono (Sour milk), we love it, don’t we?

Undoubtedly, milk and its by-products form a crucial part of a healthy diet regimen that helps you build your body stamina and strength in many ways. Hence, in today’s article, we shall be discussing the benefits of dairy products and why you should include dairy products in your diet plan immediately.


11 Amazing health benefits of Dairy products


Before we move to the meat of the article, though every by product of milk is healthy but some are rich in fats which should be consumed in limited quantity. Nothing is good in overeating anything, a healthy limit is always there for every food based on their nutritional value. So, it is prudent for people who gain weight easily is to incorporate low fat milk. Now, read on!

An Important Source of Protein-

Protein is one of the main building block of your bones, skin, muscles, blood etc. Dairy products are found to be an important source of protein that aids in improving the health and stamina of the body. Those who are having bad hairs or loosing hairs should definitely include protein foods in their diet as protein helps in restoring your hair health.  The Amino acids present in the milk help in building bones and muscles effectively. This why your mom insists you so much to drink milk everyday.

A Rich Source of Calcium-

Did you know that your Heart muscles and nerves need calcium to function properly? Along with milk, yogurt and cheese are also found to have a rich source of calcium which is important for the body. After a certain age, women do tend to contract calcium deficiency. It is important to ward off the age blues and embrace the newer version of yourself by drinking milk daily.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Hypertension is another name of high blood pressure which causes more deaths than any other cardiovascular disease. Dairy products are natural remedy for those who usually suffer from high blood pressure. Regular intake of dairy products in required quantity will help you reduce the risk of suffering from high blood pressure.

Helpful for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is a major health problem for the world, even teenagers are becoming victim of this contrary to old believe that only people over the age of 40 are prone to diabetes. Consuming required amount of dairy products on a daily basis can work wonders for people suffering from diabetes. It also prevents the occurrence of type 2 diabetes in people. This might be one of the reasons why people in villages are less prone to diabetes, they must be aware of the benefits of dairy products!

Improves Digestion

Drinking milk on a daily basis can help you improve digestion and especially Yoghurt which contains friendly bacteria known as probiotics. People suffering from severe constipation are at times advised to drink lukewarm milk before they go to the washroom, as it works as a great laxative, thereby improving bowel movements.

Improves Sleep

This is one of the benefits of dairy products why people consume dairy or milk. Milk and other dairy products contain an amino acid (which induce sleep). In case you have ever had difficulty in having a sound sleep, consuming dairy products like milk has proven to be working wonders for those who have faced difficulties while sleeping. Milk has a sizable amount of tryptophan which releases serotonin in the brain thereby helping in stimulating sleep.

Protects From Serious Illness

If milk and yogurt are taken in good quantity it does help in protecting the body from contracting non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc. It contains bio-active peptides and has a less amount of sodium-potassium which helps in protecting you from contracting such diseases.

Aids in Developing Strong Teeth & Bones

During the childhood consuming milk and its by products are found to be extremely beneficial for the body as it helps you develop stronger teeth as well as stronger bones which helps you stay strong. It also protects you from contracting osteoporosis which affects the bones at a later stage. The presence of high calcium content in the milk helps the children and adult avoid any disease that arises from calcium deficiency.

Helps in Weight Management

Obesity is rate is highest ever in the history of mankind. Whether you are willing to lose weight or gain weight drinking milk or consuming yogurt in any form will help you control/manage weight easily. It also helps you prevent metabolic syndrome at a later stage. I think this benefit of dairy product is enough to convince you to include dairy products in your daily regimen.

Helps in Enhancing Your Taste Buds

Whether you are a coffee lover or a milkshake lover, adding milk/yoghurt/ buttermilk to your favorite beverages will help in enhancing the taste of the beverage.  You can also have a cup of ice cream in your favorite flavor to satiate your taste buds during summers.

Keeps you Refreshed & Hydrated During Summers

From smoothies (made with yogurt) to buttermilk, these delicious delicacies derived from milk can be consumed during summers to keep yourself hydrated and refreshed.

So these were few benefits of dairy products and why you should definitely be including in your diet. Whether you wish to lose weight or gain weight this will certainly help you in maintaining your diet as per your daily requirement. Let us know your favorite beverage that you prefer having during the summers.