Can Hollandia EVAP Milk be a substitute for condensed milk?

We are often asked, “What is the difference between evap milk and condensed milk? Can evap milk be a substitute for condensed milk?”


Evap mik


The answer is yes. You can use evap milk in a recipe which asks for condensed milk, BUT you will have to make up for the sweet component by adding some sugar or sweetener.

Here is the truth about Hollandia Evap Milk

  1. The process of making evap milk is similar to that of condensed milk. 60% of the water contained in the milk is evaporated to give you richer, creamier milk
  2. The process of evaporation increases the concentration of milk fats and solids in the milk, making evap milk slightly sweet to taste when compared to regular milk. This sweetness cannot be compared to sweet condensed milk
  3. Hollandia evap milk is healthier and enriched with vitamin D3 essential for bone health
  4. The thick, creamy consistency of Hollandia evap milk, makes it an ideal ingredient in most desserts and recipes

For any recipe which uses condensed milk, you can substitute condensed milk with evap milk by adding 3/4th cup of granular sugar per 5 fluid onces of milk.


Here is a question you need to ask though; what about the other way around? Can sweet condensed milk be a substitute for evap milk?

Not unless you like your breakfast and beverages extra sweet! Whether sweet condensed milk is as nutritious as evap milk is also debatable.


If you have accidentally picked up evap milk at the grocery store and need it urgently for a recipe, here is what you can do to fix it:

  1. Add 3/4th cup sugar to 5 fluid ounces of evap milk
  2. Heat the milk and sugar together until the sugar is dissolved completely
  3. Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature, before proceeding with your recipe
  4. Do not skip step 4, even if your recipe asks you to use warm or heated condensed milk. Cool the mixture to room temperature before using it again


Voila! You will never miss sweetened condensed milk again!


Happy cooking!